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Jerris “QUICKthePoet” Evans is a poet/spoken word artist, host, & motivational speaker from Fort Lauderdale, FL.  QTP has been performing/writing poetry/spoken word/producing live artistic & educational events ever since the age of 10 years old (Professionally for the last 15 years and counting).  QuickthePoet’s poetry/spokenword experience has stretched to many different locations globally.  His performances as a host & spotlight/feature performer have been in over 100’s of shows, elementary/middle/high schools, colleges/technical programs, weddings/receptions/anniversaries, churches, corporate events, state/county events, & various private celebrations. 


In 2013, Jerris “QUICKthePoet” Evans was named “Ft. Lauderdales “top dawg” in the world of spoken word.” He is also the founder/CEO/Owner of the poetry/spoken word & live entertainment arts entertainment company FLO’etry (FLO4Me) Entertainment, LLC  that manage/promote poetic artist & entertainers.  He is also founder/CEO/Owner of the nonprofit organization Quick2Love Foundation, Inc.  FFEntLLC produces various unique poetry/spokenword & live entertainment shows & workshop options:


1.)  The pioneering FLO' "FLO’etry Sunday!" / "FLO'etrySunday Reunion! (Retired)"  Every 1st &/or 3rd Sunday *2012-2017* (1) Genesis Lounge, (2) Cocomos, (3) Pineapples Cafe, (4) Fortunes Bar & Grill, (5) Koppa Lounge, (6) Infujion Lounge, (8) Piano-Hollywood Hotel & Casino, (9) Moments Lounge, (10) 1st Klass Cafe, & (11) MainStreet Theater.

2.) "The4thElement!" (Retired).

3.) “AnniFLO’etry!” JANUARY.

4.) “FutureFLO'ristic!” APRIL.

5.“Quomedy!” MAY.

5.“FLO’pocalypse!” JULY.


7.)  “FLO4You! Writing, Expression & Motivational Workshops.”


Interested in becoming a professional Poet/Spoken word ARTIST, elevating your expressive/education side, becoming an all-around better you?... Then this workshop is definitely for you!  Stay tuned for future event dates/locations near you!

FFEntLLC & Q2LFInc are official members of the BCPA’s Arts Access Program.  


If you are looking for a unique & positive rollercoaster ride within the world of poetic artistic expressions of all sorts, the FFEntLLC & Q2LFInc Team are a must see & heard spoken word live entertainment "RIDE" to experience!




"The FLO'etry "FLO4Me" Entertainment, LLC mission is to ambitiously inspire & entertain Poetry (ATRISTry) lovers globally abroad through the positive power & enlightenment of Spokenword."

The FLO'Fam'&Team! History members...

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